How to 'Pimp' Your oDesk Profile
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Editorial Reviews

Helpful and to the Point
Lise's course helped this newbie dive into Odesk, and her responses in the discussion areas provided custom assistance to ensure my Odesk profile had been properly pimped.

Blake Atwood

Clear and Concise oDesk Course
Lise does a fantastic job of laying out the oDesk platform and setting up a profile that's effective for successful freelancing. There are great points throughout the course on how to create a compelling oDesk profile - many of which I would not have thought of. This course was incredibly helpful in becoming familiar with oDesk and getting started on the right foot. Lise keeps it clear and straight forward, and makes herself available for any help you might need. Excellent!

Darwin Ruiz

Great Actionable Advice
I've followed Lise's advice and found it was really easy to start getting clients on oDesk right away. This course is great, and highly recommended.

Liz Froment

Good for Beginners
Very vital information for beginners and professionals. following her advice will make your profile on odesk look professional.its very basic and the course is not 'bloated.'