No Gym Needed - Quick & Simple Workous for Gals on the Go

Whether you're a busy mum, single lady with an up and coming career or full-time entrepreneur (like me), figuring out how to fit exercise and keeping healthy into your daily routines can be hard.

The question is - how do you balance personal excuses, schedules, and LIFE in general so that you can get the body you want, in the least amount of time?

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No Gym Needed for Women

What's Covered in This How-To Guide:

Don't let busy schedules and gym loathing stop you from having the body you deserve!

  • Total Body Workouts - these will help you quickly achieve a toned body in 30 minutes or less
  • 30-Day Programs - to help you kick-start your exercise program quickly and easily
  • Lifestyle and Fitness Hacks - get access to different ways to stay fit and healthy, no matter what your situation
  • Bonus Workouts - for when you need something a bit different or a kick in the butt to ramp things up

No Gym Needed is concisely written with your busy schedule in mind. It will teach and show you how to get the body you want, no matter how busy your life is right now. If you loath the gym, you'll love this book!

Take action! Follow the book's steps, and enjoy your new body and lease on life today!

Praise for No Gym Needed

Steve Windsor

Great advice for anyone looking to lose a few pounds, tone up, or simply stay active during their busy lives. Al without having to endure the inconvenience of a gym.

Steve Windsor
Emily Rose

As an entrepreneur with an online-based business, I skip the gym way too often. Lise's book has saved my butt... literally. 😉 Thank you, Lise Cartwright!

Emily Rose
Missy Cooke

Lise has finally written the workout every busy woman needs! These workouts are clear, detailed, and written in an easy to follow step-by-step format.

Missy Cooke
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